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At Premier Financial Planning Services, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the freedom that comes from consistently making good financial decisions. We want to be the organization they turn to whenever there is an important decision to be made.

As both a Certified and Registered Financial Planner with over 25 years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to advise clients in Fee-Only Financial Planning:

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Our clients tell us that the plans we provide them with take away a lot of their stress. They enjoy having a clear picture of what they need to do and how.

The Money Lady

Picture of Jacquie Skinner, financial planner at Premier Financial Planning Services

Jacquie Skinner R.F.P, BA, 'The Money Lady', is an experienced financial planner. She opened Premier Financial Planning Services in Midland in 1992. She has clients in Midland, Penetanguishene, Victoria Harbour and Tiny & Tay Townships as well as Barrie, Alliston, Bradford, and Newmarket.

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  • B. &C. W.

    It has truly been a pleasure working with you; sincerely, thank you for everything. Coming into this experience, I knew we had things to improve and work on to get in better financial shape, but getting started seemed like a daunting task and quite frankly, it overwhelmed us. You really took the time to understand our financial picture and helped make sense of our 'chaos' and provided a clear path forward. Not only that, you were also kind enough to share some useful tips and tricks that we will put into practice and be 10X better for it, down the road as we work toward our financial goals. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts!

  • M.O.

    We are approaching our retirement and I had been feeling for some time we needed to simplify our complicated financial picture. I also wanted to get a clear handle on whether we would be able to fund our retirement goals and still provide a legacy for our children.

    Our financial picture is complex as we owned 3 properties, holding companies, a trust, exotic investment products, several separate investment accounts, run our own business and had some debt. I sensed our financial planning process would be time-consuming and would likely veer into areas beyond ‘just money’. I was looking for someone both I and my husband could feel comfortable opening up to as a trusted partner for us. Of course I was also looking for someone wicked smart who knows a lot about tax, corporate structures and investment and retirement planning.

    We did a thorough search of advice-only financial planners and interviewed several before choosing to partner with Jacquie. She had come highly recommended.

    Jacquie has been a godsend. She did a deep dive into our financial position and created an initial bespoke plan to help clarify our financial position. She then helped facilitate conversations with us as we made some tough decisions. As we shifted our assumptions about what we wanted and expected for the decades to come, Jacquie ran several fresh scenarios for us.

    In the end, we felt comfortable with the final version of our plan and understood the guidelines we need to be aware of to stay on track. Jacquie then introduced us to some very smart, experienced professionals in the investment industry who we are considering partnering with to manage our portfolios.

    It’s a relief to have completed this process. I sleep much better at night, literally. It is also reassuring to know Jacquie is a call away to help us think through any changes to our financial picture in the years ahead. M.O., Toronto, ON

  • D.&S. L.

    We hired Jacquie in late 2011 to prepare a complete financial analysis and investment plan for us. We received a detailed plan that was customized for our situation. It was complete and easy to understand. Not only that, but Jacquie took the time to explain the report step by step and was open to questions along the way. We have peace of mind knowing we have a plan for our retirement, but most importantly, we know we can turn to Jacquie at any time to ask questions or get clarification. It is truly refreshing to know that we have an advisor who reviews our portfolio on a regular basis and gives us her recommendations. We like the fact that Jacquie is very knowledgeable and approachable. She takes the time to answer our questions and has always made us feel like an important client even though our portfolio is only an average size. We trust her advice and appreciate the personal service we have received. Jacquie is foremost a professional who cares about her clients. She is very approachable, and has taken the time to get to know us and to listen to our goals and answer our many questions.

  • D & J. W.

    We are most pleased with your detailed outline of our financials and suggested breakdown for our retirement planning. We felt your unbiased evaluation and recommendations as a fee only planner hit the nail on the head.

  • J.H.

    While acting as Power of Attorney for my mother I consulted Jacquie for a second opinion about financial planning issues.

    Jacquie quickly provided a broad overview of my concerns, printed specific examples to show the different paths I could take and offered her professional opinion on recent market trends, clearly demonstrating her wealth of experience and knowledge.

    She also highlighted and summarized important points to conclude our meeting. And Jacquie did it all in one hour. I was then able to ask informed questions and deal confidently with my mother’s financial planner. It was definitely money well spent.

    Jacquie was prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with on her fee for service basis. I would highly recommend her services whether you are entrusting her with your entire financial planning needs or are seeking a trusted, experienced ‘second look’.