We are approaching our retirement and I had been feeling for some time we needed to simplify our complicated financial picture. I also wanted to get a clear handle on whether we would be able to fund our retirement goals and still provide a legacy for our children.

Our financial picture is complex as we owned 3 properties, holding companies, a trust, exotic investment products, several separate investment accounts, run our own business and had some debt. I sensed our financial planning process would be time-consuming and would likely veer into areas beyond ‘just money’. I was looking for someone both I and my husband could feel comfortable opening up to as a trusted partner for us. Of course I was also looking for someone wicked smart who knows a lot about tax, corporate structures and investment and retirement planning.

We did a thorough search of advice-only financial planners and interviewed several before choosing to partner with Jacquie. She had come highly recommended.

Jacquie has been a godsend. She did a deep dive into our financial position and created an initial bespoke plan to help clarify our financial position. She then helped facilitate conversations with us as we made some tough decisions. As we shifted our assumptions about what we wanted and expected for the decades to come, Jacquie ran several fresh scenarios for us.

In the end, we felt comfortable with the final version of our plan and understood the guidelines we need to be aware of to stay on track. Jacquie then introduced us to some very smart, experienced professionals in the investment industry who we are considering partnering with to manage our portfolios.

It’s a relief to have completed this process. I sleep much better at night, literally. It is also reassuring to know Jacquie is a call away to help us think through any changes to our financial picture in the years ahead. M.O., Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON